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Efficiency in industrialised fish farming

Marine Construction is a leading company in the design, manufacture and implementation of efficient solutions for industrialised fish farming, worldwide.

In close cooperation with some of the leading companies in the fish-farming industry in Norway, and internationally, Marine Construction has evolved into a position of being able to quickly develop new and solid solutions for industrialised fish farming. This applies both to ocean cage farming as well as land-based fish farms. Our strategy enables us to meet growing customer demand for more efficient production systems in modern fish farming.

Over the course of the last 20 years, this philosophy has brought Marine Construction to the forefront in ability to create and implement improved solutions for fish farming operations throughout the world.

Marine Construction offers:

SystemFarm steel cages – flexible solutions for your particular needs

For two decades Marine Construction has been a leading designer and manufacturer of hinged steel cages. Our SystemFarm is a brand that is well known in the world’s most important fish-farming regions. We have provided SystemFarm solutions to major companies throughout the world, and the system is available in many standard sizes and designs, as well as in custom-made solutions for one particular need. Thus the name SystemFarm …

Marine Construction also offers so-called catamaran steel cages, whose heavy-duty design makes them particularly suitable for more exposed sites. Several of the leading Norwegian fish farming companies have installed such cage system at their most exposed sites.

Holding cages for processing plants

Based on our steel cage concepts, Marine Construction has designed and manufactured several holding cage systems for some of the largest salmon processing plants in the world. Since these holding cages are of our own design and manufacture, they allow for more custom-made details than regular farming cages, and can thus help provide maximum efficiency at each processing plant.

Heavy-duty live fish pumping stations and transfer systems are incorporated into our designs. Most of our customers prefer to have Marine Construction deliver a complete, integrated system.

FarmBase: custom-made concrete feed barges

Marine Construction has designed and manufactured more than 50 custom-made concrete feed barges in the last few years. Our client portfolio includes every major Norwegian fish-farming company. Marine Construction is a prime supplier in this market segment, and we are the leading Norwegian designer and developer of large concrete barges. Our FarmBase barges are recognised as a leading brand.

Our main design has a carrying capacity of 500 tonnes. Every barge we deliver is designed in close cooperation with the client, 100% to customer specification and requirements. Each client makes a carefully considered choice of feeding equipment, which is the core operational feature of such a barge.

Design and engineering of land-based fish farms

In recent years, Marine Construction has designed several large-scale, land-based fish farming facilities. The design of such facilities requires considerable know-how and extensive experience with the systems and processes involved – Marine Construction has that know-how and experience. To each project we bring a flexible approach, striving for an optimal solution for our client.

Marine Construction is able to offer its full range of professional services, independently of contractors and hardware suppliers. Thus our clients can benefit from a design process that carefully balances the planned production processes with an optimal choice of technology and materials. Time and again we see that the optimal solution is not necessarily the most costly.

This independent approach to the design and engineering processes of land-based facilities gives our clients complete freedom in their choice of technology and components, as well as in the choice of contractors.


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